Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Bolus Worthy Day

With today being Thanksgiving, I realized this morning I have 87u in my pump. I panicked for a little bit just hoping that there is going to be enough insulin to cover the day. Granted the 87u would normally cover me and give me enough for about half a day or until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. It does not take into account my desire to stuff food in my face. So I figured I would list my top 10 BOLUS WORTHY Thanksgiving treats.
You may have your own list, but well steal the idea and write your own blog than.

10.) Turnips - I know it's weird, but they are so good.
9.) Pillsbury Dinner Rolls
8.) Mashed Potatoes - throw on a little butter and Tabasco and these puppies are golden.
7.) Appetizers - Yes I could list them all in this list, but it really depends on the day and that entire vegetarian thing leaves my options scattered dependent on location.
6.) Sweet Potatoes (Yams) - Who doesn't love these things covered in their marshmallowy goodness, hell just give me the toasted marshmallows and I am happy as a Squee in Harry Potter World.
5.) Meringue Cookies - Made them last night, I had to sample 3 just to make sure they came out alright.
4.) Chocolate Mousse Pie - If only there were Peanut Butter in the mix.
3.) Cranberry Sauce - It needs to be the condensed canned stuff. I could eat it all day. Who needs turkey, gimme this stuff and I am happy.
2.) Aunt Gloria's Coconut Bars - These in and of themselves could be a meal covered by like 30 units of insulin.
1.) Pineapple Corn Bread - I truly cannot explain the goodness of this pineapple concoction. I will do my best to take a picture of it, if it shows up today. It is a rarity some years but SOOOOOO GOOOD!!! It deserves mispelt words and junk.

Anyway, thank you all for your support, readership, and friendship. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Most of you would be bolus worthy Thanksgiving treats too.


  1. I had about 30 units left in my pump this morning (which I usually run till fumes) but I decided to refill before we headed out just in case :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Brian! Sounds an outstanding lineup of bolus-worthy items there. Enjoy!

  3. Sweet potatoes make my world go 'round. Yum!

  4. 10. gross 6. grosser 3. grossest 2. ick 1. bleh

    You should definitely come to my house for Thanksgiving. I could introduce you to my parents as my "friend" Brian. haha. ;)