Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Broke

Yeah, that is a nice crack in my pump. Pooh.
Tuesday morning was a sad morning for me. I found out on Saturday my pump warranty was expired and I had to start thinking about what I needed to do pump wise for a new one, when I found this. The other pump issue I was fine with and could have delayed moving things along while I made an informed decision. Now, well now I need to make a choice sooner than later and hope my pump does not fall apart until I decide on what direction I am going in. (not a happy person right now). Thank God for waterproof tape. Here's sticking to you for now....

Update: After my near paranoia annoyance last night, I did speak to the Animas Rep. who will be handling my upgrade for my pump. I was told that while normally the loaner is for people who are awaiting the upgrade and paperwork/prescription to go through, since I have an Animas pump and am in a lurch for the time being while I make the decision pumpwise, they could send me a loaner for a 2 month window of time! The decision will be faster than a two month window, however, my panic is less now and I can continue beating my pump up.

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  1. I also am using a pump without a warranty and I have no idea what pump to go with next. ((SIGH))