Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things I've Learned


Okay, well first off, I am going to readily admit to cheating here and taking a soft easy answer. I hope you will forgive me though. I am running on 4 hours of sleep, due to working all weekend, not sleeping, driving home late last night from the retreat I was helping chaperone, and well getting up at the crack ass for my vacation. So yeah, I am not running on all my cylinders and frankly am bloody tired.
The biggest thing I have learned this week and in general about being a person with type-1 is that we are never alone. We have our family and friends for us. But more so. We have this small group of like 5 people in the DOC there to support us. Okay, maybe more than 5 like 20 :-p. But it is awesome. Actually this reminded me of a joke. What type of animal is big, grey, wrinkly and can climb trees??? An elephant.... I lied about the trees.!! Sorry, but yeah, just like I lied about the trees, I lied about the DOC, where there are so many people there to here us out, listen to our complaints, support us, and help us. That is what I have learned and am so glad to know it is here and around.

But with that I need to say thank you to you all for helping me in my own troubles and for all you do for your advocacy and stuff. It is really quite humbling. :-P


  1. Hugs, I hope you get some rest soon. Have a beautiful day.

  2. It really has been a great week. Can't wait until next year. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. We are all here for each other and I can't wait until next year too! I am so happy I found new blogs. I hope you have a good vacation!

  4. It is an amazing community of support isn't it? You are really funny. Now, go get some rest :)

    Christy of My 2 Sweet Babies

  5. Hope you are able to get some much needed rest. I am so glad this week took's been great to see so many wonderful blogs and people. :-)

  6. I'm sorry you started your vacation in such a fatigued state. I hope you got some R and R! Glad to "meet" you here in the DOC!